22.07.2020 •

Skin‐Inspired Electronics and Its Applications in Advanced Intelligent Systems


Recent interdisciplinary progress in flexible materials, devices, and system designs has brought about an emerging paradigm of skin‐like multifunctional electronic platforms named skin‐inspired electronics. Featured with excellent flexible mechanical properties, thin and conformal devices, and integrated sensing functions similar to those of human skin, skin‐inspired electronics exhibit great potential in the application fields of wearable electronics and human–machine interfaces. Many real‐world implementations of the intelligent system of skin‐inspired electronics in healthcare monitoring, artificial prosthetics via the creation of sensitive skin, and robot tactile perception are demonstrated. Combined with the technologies of wireless data transmission, self‐powered supply modules, and signal‐processing circuits, skin‐inspired electronics are expected to achieve improved portability, multifunctional integration, on‐site analysis, and in‐time feedback. Herein, recent advances in skin‐inspired electronics, its promising solutions to engineering challenges, and opinions on future research directions are discussed.

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Advanced Intelligent Systems