18.10.2023 •

Expanding the Horizon: Evident's Extended Excellence in Advanced Optical Metrology

A Valuable Hub for Optical Metrology and Industrial Microscopy Researchers Continues to Thrive


Evident, a premier optical metrology and industrial microscopy manufacturer, is dedicated to fostering collaboration, knowledge exchange, and innovation. Their mission is to serve as a globally acclaimed nexus, connecting the finest minds in industrial microscopy, scholarly publishing, academia, and industry.

Thanks to the collaboration with Wiley Analytical Science, Advanced Optical Metrology Hub users can expect a seamless platform with access to the most pertinent and current content in optical metrology and industrial microscopy.

Our partnership is dedicated to continually enhancing the hub, providing a wealth of meticulously curated information. To date, the hub provides access to 20 comprehensive eBooks covering diverse subjects, such as corrosion, composites, geoscience, electronics, thin film metrology, and more.

Evident's mission is to continue thriving as the go-to hub and resource for optical metrology and industrial microscopy researchers, offering a dynamic space where knowledge converges, collaborations flourish, and innovations unfold.