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18.10.2023 •

Expanding the Horizon: Evident's Extended Excellence in Advanced Optical Metrology

A Valuable Hub for Optical Metrology and Industrial Microscopy Researchers Continues to Thrive


Evident, formerly the Scientific Solutions division of Olympus, is excited to announce the extension of its cutting-edge Advanced Optical Metrology Hub in partnership with Wiley for an additional year. 

Launched in 2020, this globally acclaimed knowledge hub serves as an eminent nexus, uniting the finest minds in industrial microscopy, scholarly publishing, and both academic and industrial prowess. Its primary aim is to foster and enhance collaboration within the realm of optical metrology. This hub simplifies access to the most pertinent and current optical metrology and industrial microscopy content, offering a seamless platform for accessing and contributing to focused and meticulously curated knowledge.

Since its inception, the hub has undergone continuous enrichment, amassing a treasure trove of information. Presently, it offers a repertoire of 17 comprehensive eBooks, delving into subjects such as corrosion, composites, geoscience, electronics, thin film metrology, and more. As we look ahead, we are gearing up to unveil new articles and topics in the coming year, with a focus on subjects like porosity and expanded coverage of additive manufacturing.

This remarkable hub has attracted a substantial user base, garnering support and contributions from luminaries in the field. Notable experts, including David Wertheim, Professor in the School of Computer Science and Mathematics at Kingston University, have actively engaged with the platform. Professor Wertheim, who recently participated in an "ask-the-experts" webinar addressing the application of confocal microscopy for 3D imaging of particulate matter, has also lent his expertise to the 11th eBook, centered around the topic of porosity.

Reflecting on the hub, Professor Wertheim remarked, "The Advanced Optical Metrology Hub stands as an invaluable resource for academia and industry alike. It impeccably fills a substantial void in the field by providing effortless access to concise insights into the latest metrology developments across specific application areas. Furthermore, it serves as a vibrant hub for communication and collaboration. I am honored to have contributed and am committed to providing my support and collaboration for as long as it is needed."