04.05.2021 •

Silk and Paper: Progress and Prospects in Green Photonics and Electronics


Photonic and electronic devices currently face challenges in terms of improved efficiency of energy harvesting and light emission, renewable energy and materials, and the development of eco‐friendly materials. Owing to the emergence of world‐wide concerns about environmental degradation and the ensuing regulations, demand for environmentally friendly technology has been increasing in recent years. As the current technology of creating electronics and photonics devices based on semiconductors heavily relies on processes that produce a series of hazardous chemicals, development of renewable and eco‐friendly materials has become immensely important. Two of the most promising materials in this respect are silk and paper, and this progress report will investigate their unique properties for both photonic and electronic applications. These two natural materials have been intensively studied in the last decades and have shown promising aspects for use in future green technologies.

Full Open Access progress report:

Advanced Sustainable Systems