05.12.2023 •

Revolutionizing Archaeology with Portable XRF Technology

Explore the transformative role of portable X-ray fluorescence (pXRF) technology in archaeology with a focus on its slow adoption despite immense potential. Dr. Roger Doonan, Head of Specialist Services at Archaeological Research Services Ltd, discusses the organization's innovative use of pXRF. The interview highlights how pXRF enables real-time geochemical data collection during excavations, breaking down barriers between lab and field. Dr. Doonan emphasizes the significance of the spatial distribution of elemental variation for interpreting ancient activities. The organization's adoption of the Vanta VMR model and its contributions to commercial value and innovation in the archaeological sector are showcased. ARS Ltd's recognition, including a national award for highest growth business, underscores the success of integrating pXRF for geochemical analysis in construction. Dr. Doonan concludes by emphasizing the unexpected environmental benefits, reducing carbon footprint, and drawing parallels between ancient practices and modern impacts. For more insights, read the full interview on the original page.

Discover the full potential of pXRF in archaeology and its impact on innovation, commercial success, and environmental sustainability. Read the complete interview with Dr. Roger Doonan of Archaeological Research Services Ltd for in-depth insights into the groundbreaking applications of pXRF technology. Visit the original page to delve into the intersection of archaeology, technology, and environmental stewardship.

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