A researcher tests soil using a Vanta portable XRF analyzer
Source: Image used with permission from Evident
07.12.2023 •

A Journey through Time with Vanta Portable XRF Analyzers

Explore the fascinating intersection of archaeology, climate, and human history with a recent study utilizing Vanta portable XRF analyzers (pXRF) in central Russia. The research, led by Tatiana Romanis and her team, delves into ancient human impact on landscape development and environmental conditions dating back to the Upper Paleolithic and medieval times. In an exclusive interview, Romanis discusses their goals, results, and the choice of the Vanta pXRF analyzer, highlighting its nondestructive, portable, and high-quality features. The study reveals unexpected findings, exceeding all expectations, and opens a window into the past without compromising artifacts. Discover more about the challenges faced, the benefits of pXRF data, and the future implications of using innovative technologies like the Vanta analyzer in palaeoecological research. For an in-depth exploration of this groundbreaking study, delve into the full article on our website. Uncover the mysteries of ancient landscapes and human influence.

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