03.11.2020 •

Review: Recent Progress on Advanced Optical Structures for Emerging Photovoltaics and Photodetectors


Organic‐ and perovskite‐based optoelectronics, which merge excellent optoelectronic properties with potentially large and high‐throughput manufacturing, have attracted attention as emerging revolutionary technologies with considerable practical applications. Herein, the recent progresses in organic‐ and perovskite‐based photovoltaics and photodetectors with integration of judicious optical structure designs are summarized. The characterization and performance metrics of such devices from the perspectives of device architecture, physics, and material science are studied. Research related to devices having dielectric mirrors, diffracted Bragg reflectors/photonic crystals, microcavities, and 2D photonic structures as design elements is discussed. Some suggestions of promising directions for future studies are concluded.

Full review article (Open Access):

Advanced Energy & Sustainability Research