18.11.2020 •

Knowledge Transfer and Collaboration: The Idea Behind Advanced Optical Metrology

In this video interview, Chris Parmenter, Editor-in-Chief of Microscopy and Analysis, and Markus Fabich, product and application specialist for materials science microscopy at Olympus, talk about the idea behind Advanced Optical Metrology and its meaning in the current pandemic, key developments in the field of optical metrology and many more questions. They explain how you can become part of the collaborative project and how you can suggest topics you would like to read about on this platform.

And they give an outlook on what comes next: Dr. Uwe Brand, National Institute of Metrology, Germany, and Markus Fabich will talk about state of the art methods and applications of 3D roughness and dimensional measurements and PCB manufacturing in the age of 5G at the Wiley Analytical Science Conference 2020.

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