05.07.2023 •

eBook 15: Optimizing Interface Conductivity in Electronics: LSM Characterization of Surface Properties

The field of electronics has long been driven by semiconductors, materials that can conduct an electric current under certain conditions. Coupled with metals and insulators, semiconductors are the foundation of modern electronics, powering computers, lasers, smartphones, and many other devices. Of particular importance is the transistor, a device that revolutionized electronics and relies on the interfaces between semiconductors, metal, and insulators. Ensuring efficient charge transport across the metal-semiconductor interface is a major challenge for electronic device designers. 

In this eBook, the 15th from a series of eBooks, you will read about interface conductivity, electronics, substrate surface roughness, microstrip transmission lines, copper nanoparticles, ink-jet printing, wafer-scale graphene, and more!

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3 Introduction

Optimizing interface conductivity in electronics: LSM characterization of surface properties

5 A method for preparing crack- and wrinkle-free wafer scale graphene

Adapted from Kim et al.

11 The influence of substrate surface roughness on the losses of microstrip transmission lines

Adapted from Vincent et al.

18 Copper (Cu) nanoparticles for the fabrication of conductive structures by ink-jet printing

Adapted from Jeong et al.

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