23.11.2020 •

eBook 5: Electronics

In the fifth eBook of the Advanced Optical Metrology series, state-of-the-art methods of the synthesis and characterization of materials for energy conversion and storage are presented. Learn more about advances in the fields of photovoltaics, supercapacitors, and many more topics in the field of research and development of sustainable energy materials.

Table of contents

3 Electronic Materials for Sustainable Energy Conversion and Storage
Markus Fabich

8 Nanodiamond-Based Separators for Supercapacitors Realized on Paper Substrates
Giuseppina Polino, Alessandro Scaramella, Valerio Manca, Elena Palmieri, Emanuela Tamburri, Silvia Orlanducci, and Francesca Brunetti

14 Native Oxide Barrier Layer for Selective Electroplated Metallization of Silicon Heterojunction Solar Cells
Thibaud Hatt, Sven Kluska, Mananchaya Yamin, Jonas Bartsch, and Markus Glatthaar

19 Spray-Coated Polymer Solar Cells Based on Low-Band-Gap Donors Processed with ortho-Xylene
Luca La Notte, Giuseppina Polino, Claudio Ciceroni, Francesca Brunetti, Thomas M. Brown, Aldo Di Carlo, and Andrea Reale

25 Scientific Publishing
5 tips for writing better science papers

28 Scientific Publishing: The Core of Your Research Article
P. Trevorrow, G. E. Martin

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