25.08.2020 •

Three‐dimensional reconstructions of solid surfaces using conventional microscopes


The three‐dimensional digital replicas of solid surfaces are subject of interest of different branches of science and technology. The present paper in its introductory parts brings an overview of the various microscopic reconstructive techniques based on optical sectioning. The main attention is devoted to conventional reconstruction methods and especially to that one employing the Fourier transform. The three‐dimensional replicas of this special reconstructive frequency method are compared graphically and numerically with the three‐dimensional replicas of the confocal method. Based on the comparative study it has been concluded that the quality of the conventional replicas of surfaces possessing textures of intermediate height irregularities is acceptable and almost comparable with the quality of confocal replicas. This study is relevant both for identifying a convenient technique that provides good qualities of three‐dimensional replicas and for selecting the hardware whose price is affordable even for small research groups studying rougher surface textures.

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