03.03.2021 •

Wettability of Low Weight Borides by Commercial Aluminum Alloys − A Basis for Metal Matrix Composite Fabrication

Boron compounds are promising candidates for reinforcing metals because of their high strength and stiffness at low specific weights. For composite fabrication, wetting behavior is important. Isothermal wetting of B4C, AlB2, CaB6, MgB2, and TiB2 by liquid pure aluminum (99.5%) and the alloy AlSi10MgMn was studied at 700 °C for 15 min in vacuum using the dispensed drop method. No wetting occurred for all substrates during testing. The contact angles remained constant for CaB6, MgB2, and TiB2, while those for AlB2 and B4C decreased continuously with time.

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