30.09.2020 •

Effects of Multi-Scale Patterning on the Run-In Behavior of Steel – Alumina Pairings under Lubricated Conditions

The effect of multi-scale surfaces on frictional and wear performance was performed on a ball-on-disk tribometer under lubricated conditions using additive-free poly-alphaolefine oil. Multi-scale stainless steel samples (AISI 304) were prepared by micro-coining and subsequent, direct laser interference patterning. A comparison of different samples (i.e., polished reference, laser-patterned, micro-coined, and multi-scale) shows a clear influence of the fabrication technique on the tribological properties. For multi-scale structures, the structural depth from the micro-coining plays an important role. Multi-scale samples with lower coining depths (50 μm) showed an increased coefficient of friction compared to the purely micro-coined surfaces, whereas larger coining depths (95 μm) result in stable and lower friction values for the multi-scale patterns.

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