29.09.2020 •

eBook 4: Roughness


3 Surface Roughness

Lawrence A. Renna

11 Effects of Multi-Scale Patterning on the Run-In Behavior of Steel – Alumina Pairings under Lubricated Conditions

Philipp G. Grützmacher, Andreas Rosenkranz, Adam Szurdak, Carsten Gachot, Gerhard Hirt, and Frank Mücklich

18 Super-Hydrophobic and Oleophobic Aluminum Alloy Surfaces via Chemical Etching and Functionalization

Andreia Rocha Canella Carneiro, Fábio Augusto de Souza Ferreira, and Manuel Houmard

26 Assessment of Possibilities of Ceramic Biomaterial Fracture Surface Reconstruction Using Laser Confocal Microscopy and Long Working Distance Objective Lenses

Sebastian Stach, Wiktoria Sapota, Zygmunt Wróbel, and Ştefan Ţălu

33   Scientific Publishing

5 tips for writing better science papers

36   Scientific Publishing: Title and Abstract

P. Trevorrow, G. E. Martin

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