Upgrading Poly(Styrene-Co-Divinylbenzene) Beads: Incorporation of...
29.08.2022 •

Upgrading Poly(Styrene-Co-Divinylbenzene) Beads: Incorporation of Organomodified Metal-free Semiconductor Graphitic Carbon Nitride through Suspension Photopolymerization to Generate Photoactive Resins


The inclusion of the metal free semiconductor graphitic carbon nitride (g-CN) into polymer systems brings a variety of new options, for instance as a heterogeneous photoredox polymer initiator. In this context, we present here the decoration of the inner surface of poly(styrene-co-divinylbenzene) beads with organomodified g-CN via one pot suspension photopolymerization. The resulting beads are varied by changing reaction parameters, such as, crosslinking ratio, presence of porogens, and mechanical agitation. The photocatalytic activity of so-formed beads was tested by aqueous rhodamine B dye photodegradation experiments. Additionally, dye adsorption/desorption properties were examined in aqueous as well as in organic solvents. Photoinduced surface modification with vinylsulfonic acid and 4-vinyl pyridine is introduced. Overall, metal-free semiconductor g-CN donates photoactivity to polymer networks that can be employed for dye photodegradation and acid–base catalyst transformation through facile photoinduced surface modifications.