24.06.2022 •

eBook 11: Particles: Impact on Biological Systems and the Environment

This eBook is dedicated to the research of David Wertheim, Professor at Kingston University London. In collaboration with various groups, Prof. Wertheim is using confocal microscopy to analyse the impact of different types of particles on human health and the environment. Herein, the focus lies on his research on human health-hazardous particles detected with solid-state nuclear track detectors (SSNTD). 

The benefits of micro- and nanoparticles are undeniably important for the world either by treating new diseases or increasing storage energy capacity in batteries. Particle research also generates millions of dollars, especially in the fields of medicine, energy, and food safety. However, one disadvantage of the wide range of applications for particles and their often poor degradability, means that they can also become a problem for humans, animals and the environment. 

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