18.02.2022 •

Enhanced Fluorescence Emission and Magnetic Alignment Control of Biphasic Functionalized Composite Janus Particles


Janus particles, particles that have two distinct aspects on their surface or interiors, have attracted much attention due to their potential for application. For the application of Janus particles to high-resolution displays, and as light sources for optical circuits and fluorescent probes, the Janus particles should be nanosize to ensure high-resolution display and analysis, responsive to external stimuli, and highly fluorescent. However, it is still a challenging issue to develop such highly fluorescent nanoscale Janus particles and control their alignment. Magnetoresponsive Janus particles, of which the orientation can be controlled by an external magnetic field, are prepared by the simple introduction of polymer-coated magnetic nanoparticles (NPs) into the hemispheres of Janus particles. If these magnetoresponsive Janus particles can be combined with a strong fluorescence system, then they could be ideal candidates as components of the previously mentioned applications. In the present study, Janus particles are prepared with a fluorescent dye and gold nanoparticles (Au NPs) on one side. The optical properties of the resulting particles are assessed and discussed. Furthermore, the response of composite Janus particles containing dyes, Au NPs, and iron oxide NPs to an external magnetic field is discussed.