07.04.2022 •

Application of Confocal Microscopy for 3D Imaging of Particulate Matter

Recent studies have suggested that elevated air pollution levels can be associated with respiratory and other health issues; particulate matter is an important part of air pollution. David Wertheim and colleagues at Kingston University are studying the structure of particulate matter in a collaboration with Queen Mary University of London. Their research using an Olympus confocal microscopy has shown that some particles of Diesel Particulate Matter (DPM) can have sharp appearing surface features. In this webinar, David Wertheim and Gavin Gillmore will discuss their research imaging the 3D shape of DPM using an Olympus LEXT confocal microscope and how the findings could help explain how air pollution particulate matter may affect human health.

Key learnings:

  • A new color confocal microscope imaging method enables the study of the 3D shape of particulate matter
  • Particles can have sharp jagged appearing edges
  • The slide preparation and confocal microscopy method applied avoids possible alteration to the particles' surfaces and enables color 3D visualization of the particles  

Speaker information:

David Wertheim is a Professor in the School of Computer Science and Mathematics at Kingston University. The main focus of his research is developing methods for analysis and visualisation of medical, biological as well as materials image and signal data; a key current area of his research is acquisition and analysis of confocal microscope images of particulate matter. 

Dr Gavin Gillmore has worked in Higher Education for 30 years, prior to which he was a geologist in the oil industry. He was Head of the School of Geography, Geology and Environment at Kingston University, and Head of Kingston Energy, before moving to Bath Spa University as Head of Geography. He is currently Chairman and a Director of the Radon Council UK, the radon remediation industry regulatory body. His area of research interest is in human-environment interactions.

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