04.01.2021 •

Processing of Fiber‐reinforced Ultra‐high Temperature Ceramic Composites


Ultra‐high temperature ceramics (UHTCs) have emerged as promising materials for high‐temperature aerospace applications due to their high melting temperature and superior ablation performance. Even still, they have yet to reach their full potential due to the catastrophic brittle failure that typically accompanies the intrinsic low fracture toughness of ceramic materials. Therefore, the emerging field of UHTC ceramic matrix composites (UHTCMCs) offers the toughness benefits of a composite with the high temperature stability of UHTCs. Here, we outline work in the last decade on the processing of UHTCs with a reinforcing fiber phase for enhanced fracture toughness. Included are fibers of both carbon and silicon carbide composition in both continuous and chopped fiber lengths. Particular emphasis is given to emerging research from the last few years to highlight novel developments.

Full Open Access review article:

Ceramic Engineering & Science