27.09.2021 •

Preparation of Electrosprayed Composite Coated Microporous Filter for Particulate Matter Capture


Particulate matter 2.5 (PM 2.5.) pollution is a serious threat to human health. In this paper, we firstly used electrospraying technology to fabricate composite polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE)/expanded graphite (EG) coated spun-bond polypropylene (PP) microporous filters that show tremendous potential for its use as an effective PM 2.5. capture medium. The surface morphology, the surface area, the surficial chemical structure, the hydrophobicity, the antifouling ability, the mechanical property, the air permeability, and the filtration efficiency (FE) of the prepared composite PTFE/EG coated microporous filters were investigated. It is found that with the increase of EG content, the surface area of the filter tended to increase, and the pore size decreased correspondingly. Physical adhesion between the PTFE or PTFE/EG and the PP fabric is found. The composite PTFE/EG coated spun-bond PP microporous filter exhibits an excellent hydrophobicity and antifouling ability. Compared with the original spun bond PP, the FE of the composite PTFE/EG coated spun bond PP microporous filter for PM 2.5. is significantly increased from 52.18% to 85.00%, and the quality factor (QF) increases from 0.0238 to 0.0431. These results indicate that the composite PTFE/EG coated spun-bond PP microporous filter is an excellent material for PM 2.5. capture.

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