30.03.2021 •

Halide Perovskite Composites for Photocatalysis: A Mini Review


Halide perovskites have attracted increasing scientific interests for photocatalysis because of their remarkable opto‐electronic properties, such as optimal band structures, long charge carrier lifetimes, high photoluminescence quantum yields, and so on. However, pure halide perovskites generally face problems of low stability, lack of active sites, and ineffective extraction of carriers, which limit their applications in photocatalytic reactions. To improve the photocatalytic activity and stability, halide perovskites are composited with other materials. Herein in this mini review, we summarize the recent progresses on the design and development of halide perovskite composites for various photocatalytic reactions including photocatalytic CO2 reduction reaction, photocatalytic hydrogen evolution reaction, photocatalytic pollutant degradation reaction, and so on. Finally, an outlook of halide perovskite for photocatalysis is provided to point up the future challenges and the possible solutions.

Full Open Access review article: