22.02.2021 •

eBook 6: Composites

In this eBook recent studies on the development of novel composite materials and the application of confocal laser-scanning microscopy as well as other methods to analyze their surface morphology are presented.

Preview some of the topics you will find inside:

Wettability of Low Weight Borides by Commercial Aluminum Alloys − A Basis for Metal Matrix Composite Fabrication
S. Ploetz, R. Nowak, A. Lohmueller et al.

Micro‐Structuration of Piezoelectric Composites Using Dielectrophoresis: Toward Application in Condition Monitoring of Bearings
G. D'Ambrogio, O. Zahhaf, Y. Hebrard et al.

In Situ Integration of SERS Sensors for On‐Chip Catalytic Reactions
B. Han, Y.-Y. Gao, L. Zhu et al.

And more

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