28.02.2020 •

Periodic Open Cellular Raney‐Copper Catalysts Fabricated via Selective Electron Beam Melting


Herein, the possibility of generating Raney‐Copper catalysts with high geometric complexity is demonstrated. For this, periodic open cellular structures (POCS) composed of a highly brittle Al–Cu alloy containing 29.4 at% copper are fabricated by selective electron beam melting (SEBM) for application in chemical reaction engineering. After selective leaching of aluminum in an NaOH solution, the POCS show a core–shell structure with a nanoporous copper surface layer and a solid core. The fabrication and dealloying processes as well as the microstructure are studied. Moreover, the SEBM‐processed Raney‐type copper catalysts show a high catalytic activity in methanol synthesis.

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Advanced Engineering Materials