06.04.2020 •

Additive Manufacturing of Titanium Alloys by Electron Beam Melting


Electron beam melting (EBM), as one of metal additive manufacturing technologies, is considered to be an innovative industrial production technology. Based on the layer‐wise manufacturing technique, as‐produced parts can be fabricated on a powder bed using the 3D computational design method. Because the melting process takes place in a vacuum environment, EBM technology can produce parts with higher densities compared to selective laser melting (SLM), particularly when titanium alloy is used. The ability to produce higher quality parts using EBM technology is making EBM more competitive. After briefly introducing the EBM process and the processing factors involved, this paper reviews recent progress in the processing, microstructure, and properties of titanium alloys and their composites manufactured by EBM. The paper describes significant positive progress in EBM of all types of titanium in terms of solid bulk and porous structures including Ti–6Al–4V and Ti–24Nb–4Zr–8Sn, with a focus on manufacturing using EBM and the resultant unique microstructure and service properties (mechanical properties, fatigue behaviors, and corrosion resistance properties) of EBM‐produced titanium alloys.

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Advanced Energy Materials