27.09.2021 •

Additive Manufacturing of Electrochemical Energy Storage Systems Electrodes


Superior electrochemical performance, structural stability, facile integration, and versatility are desirable features of electrochemical energy storage devices. The increasing need for high-power, high-energy devices has prompted the investigation of manufacturing technologies that can produce structured battery and supercapacitor electrodes with optimized charge transport. While conventional electrode production techniques are becoming increasingly obsolete and incompatible with technological developments such as wearables and flexible electronics, additive manufacturing (AM) has emerged as one of several state-of-the-art tools to produce 3D-structured electrodes with morphology control, high yield, and scalability. Herein, a comprehensive review of the major AM technologies and most recent literature about designing and manufacturing electrode materials for batteries and supercapacitors is presented. A thorough discussion of research opportunities and challenges in this promising field is also presented to introduce the potential and importance of AM to current developments involving electrode materials.

Full open access review article:

Advanced Energy & Sustainablility Research