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01.12.2022 •

Evident's UIS2 Objective Lenses: The Future of Spectral Databases

Evident’s UIS2 objective lenses enable microscope users to visualize the color of the sample, scratches and defects on the surface, and surface irregularities. This is done by enhancing the optical performance of the systems, such as the BX53M microscope. This, in turn, improves the efficiency of the customers’ work.


Olympus industrial UIS2 objective lenses

JASCO Corporation is one example of a company that uses Evident's objective lenses in its products. They have adopted Evident’s UIS2 objective lenses for various Raman spectroscopy systems, for example, its laser Raman spectrophotometer NRS-4500, NRS-5500, and NRS-7500.

NRS4500 (left) and NRS 5500 (right) laser Raman spectrometer from JASCO...
NRS4500 (left) and NRS 5500 (right) laser Raman spectrometer from JASCO Corporation

UIS2 objective lenses with infinity-corrected optics ease the optical design of equipment since switching between magnifications and adding components to the infinity space are all possible. In addition to the high-quality optics, Evident’s support services also play a key role in developing Raman spectrometry products.

Finally, Evident’s objective lenses have a variety of uses in different industries and product types, making databases, such as Wiley Spectral Data possible.

Wiley Spectral Databases is the world’s largest collection of spectra, including infrared (IR), mass spec (MS), Raman, NMR, and UV-Vis spectral libraries. Based on this, the new KnowItAll 2023 software release from Wiley includes an expert tool for non-targeted mass spectrometry analysis. 

IR Synthetic Cannabinoids
IR Synthetic Cannabinoids

The new MS Expert can save users time by combining deconvolution with reference database search into a single, automated workflow. The software leverages spectral data, algorithms, and machine learning to do the heavy lifting for data processing and analysis. Each release adds value and innovation for customers to accelerate their workflows. For example, the new AnalyzeIt Vapor Phase IR uses patented technology to classify synthetic cannabinoids by examining bridge carbonyl band patterns. Other highlights in the release include improved property field filtering, more accessibility features, and expanded file support. 

The software upgrade aligns with Wiley's ongoing effort to expand KnowItAll's capabilities, significantly improving and automating mass spectrometry processing and analysis workflows.

MS Spectral Deconvolution
MS Spectral Deconvolution

For more information on UIS2 Optics Microscope: Evident.