28.10.2021 •

The Application of Electrochemical Noise for the Study of Metal Corrosion and Organic Anticorrosion Coatings: A Review


The electrochemical noise technology and its application in the field of corrosion research are described in this paper. First, the concept, measurement method and data analysis of electrochemical noise are introduced. Then, we discuss the judgment of uniform corrosion, local corrosion and passivation through electrochemical noise. At the same time, electrochemical noise can also distinguish different local corrosion forms, such as pitting corrosion and crevice corrosion. Secondly, the mechanism and chemical kinetics of using electrochemical noise to study the pitting process are discussed. For anticorrosion coatings, electrochemical noise can give the corrosion situation and peeling degree under the coating, and then evaluate the anticorrosion performance of the coating. Finally, while discussing the application prospects of the technology, we also point out the ideal assumptions and data reliability problems currently faced by electrochemical noise technology.

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