14.03.2022 •

eBook 10: Particles: Unique Properties, Uncountable Applications

Nano- and microparticles are distinctive materials with enormous technological and scientific value. They found application in energy, medical, and environmental fields to name just a few. Even though nano- and microparticles have the same composition as analogous bulk material, they display very interesting optical, electrical, thermal, and magnetic properties. Materials science has allowed the development of several methods to tune these properties for specific applications.

This eBook highlights recent studies on the design and characterization of micro- and nanoparticles for different application areas.


3 Introduction

6 Microfluidic Synthesis of Liquid Crystalline Elastomer Particle Transport Systems that Can Be Remote-Controlled Magnetically

D. Ditter, P. Blümler, B. Klöckner, et al.

15 Extraordinary Field Enhancement of TiO2 Porous Layer up to 500-Fold

K. Yoshihara, M. Sakamoto, H. Tamamitsu, et al.

21 NaMgF3:Tb3+@NaMgF3 Nanoparticles Containing Deep Traps for Optical Information Storage

Y. Wang, D. Chen, Y. Zhuang, et al.

27 Industrial Microscope Solutions

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