24.11.2021 •

Inhibitive Effect of Benzotriazole on the Corrosion and Corrosion Fatigue of α-Al Bronze Alloy in LiBr Solution


The effect of benzotriazole (BTAH) on the corrosion fatigue behavior of α-Al bronze in 1 M LiBr solution has been investigated using reverse bending technique during testing it in LiBr/H2O system. The adsorption equilibrium estimated to be 1431.25 M−1 while the free energy of adsorption to be −27.968 kJ mol−1. The BTAH feature found to improve the fatigue life to a value near to that of α-Al bronze in air. The optical and scanning electron microscopy for the α-Al bronze for the fatigued in air, revealed that the fracture mode was transgranular and that the initiation and propagation was transcrystalline. α-Al bronze fatigued in 1 M LiBr showed less fatigue resistance when compared to that of α-Al bronze fatigued in air. The addition of 0.02 M of BTAH to 1 M LiBr increased the fatigue life and fatigue strength for α-Al bronze where its fatigue behavior curve was close to that of air. The results demonstrated obviously a reduction of the corrosion fatigue resistance of α-Al bronze in 1 M LiBr solution but it has a considerable increase in the presence of BTAH.