22.11.2021 •

eBook 9: Corrosion: Advanced Materials and Test Methods

Corrosion is a natural process consisting of the chemical, biochemical, or electrochemical reaction between a given material and its environment, producing a deterioration of the material and its functional properties. Because of this, corrosion is one of the most common ways that a material fails. Today, the demands on materials’ corrosion resistance are increasing to improve operational reliability and extend product life.

This eBook highlights recent studies on the design of alloys and the analysis of their corrosion behavior.

Preview some of the contents you can find in the eBook:

  • Effect of different amounts of graphene on metal friction and wear during the mixing process, D. Han, K. Wang et al.
  • The effect of cathodic polarization on the corrosion behavior of X65 steel in seawater containing sulfate-reducing bacteria, M. Lv et al. 
  • Comparison of test methods used to analyze stress corrosion cracking of differently tempered 7xxx alloys, N. Magaji et al.
  • Microstructure analysis of corrosion, I. Hren et al.

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