12.06.2024 •

Photo-Assisted Rechargeable Metal Batteries: Principles, Progress, and Perspectives


The utilization of diverse energy storage devices is imperative in the contemporary society. Taking advantage of solar power, a significant environmentally friendly and sustainable energy resource, holds great appeal for future storage of energy because it can solve the dilemma of fossil energy depletion and the resulting environmental problems once and for all. Recently, photo-assisted energy storage devices, especially photo-assisted rechargeable metal batteries, are rapidly developed owing to the ability to efficiently convert and store solar energy and the simple configuration, as well as the fact that conventional Li/Zn-ion batteries are widely commercialized. Considering many puzzles arising from the rapid development of photo-assisted rechargeable metal batteries, this review commences by introducing the fundamental concepts of batteries and photo-electrochemistry, followed by an exploration of the current advancements in photo-assisted rechargeable metal batteries. Specifically, it delves into the elucidation of device components, operating principles, types, and practical applications. Furthermore, this paper categorizes, specifies, and summarizes several detailed examples of photo-assisted energy storage devices. Lastly, it addresses the challenges and bottlenecks faced by these energy storage systems while providing future perspectives to facilitate their transition from laboratory research to industrial implementation.

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