19.03.2024 •

eBook 20: Exploring Advanced Battery Technologies: Powering the Future

This free-to-download eBook provides an overview of the latest advancements in battery research. It discusses the increasing energy consumption in modern life, historically fueled by finite fossil fuels that have led to environmental issues and global warming. It emphasizes the need for transitioning to environmentally friendly alternative energy sources like hydroelectric, solar, geothermal, wind, nuclear, and biomass energy, which have spurred the growth of new industries.

Within the eBook are three case studies. The first study focuses on the development of rechargeable zinc-ion batteries as a promising choice for future energy storage solutions due to their eco-friendly nature, cost-effectiveness, and safety features. It introduces a new 3D zinc metal anode with multi-channel lattice structures created using a combination of 3D printing and electroless plating/electroplating techniques.

The second study addresses the significant hindrance of lithium dendrite formation that hampers using lithium metal anodes in high-energy rechargeable batteries. It explores the development of a novel cation-selective (CS) separator with anion immobilization properties to enhance the lithium metal anode. The goal is to offer valuable insights into the innovative design of CS separators to achieve dendrite-free Lithium Metal Batteries (LMBs).

Finally, the third study addresses the limitations of utilizing Zn-metal anodes in aqueous batteries due to issues like dendrite growth, hydrogen evolution, and surface passivation. It introduces a protective layer as a polyanionic hydrogel film to mitigate these challenges. This approach aims to provide a novel method for designing Zn-anodes and constructing safe aqueous batteries in the future.

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