17.06.2024 •

Data-Driven Battery Characterization and Prognosis: Recent Progress, Challenges, and Prospects


Battery characterization and prognosis are essential for analyzing underlying electrochemical mechanisms and ensuring safe operation, especially with the assistance of superior data-driven artificial intelligence systems. This review provides a unique perspective on recent progress in data-driven battery characterization and prognosis methods. First, recent informative image characterization and impedance spectrum as well as high-throughput screening approaches on revealing battery electrochemical mechanisms at multiple scales are summarized. Thereafter, battery prognosis tasks and strategies are described, with the comparison of various physics-informed modeling strategies. Considering unlocking mechanisms from tremendous battery data, the dominant role of physics-informed interpretable learning in accelerating energy device development is presented. Finally, challenges and prospects on data-driven characterization and prognosis are discussed toward accelerating energy device development with much-enhanced electrochemical transparency and generalization. This review is hoped to supply new ideas and inspirations to the next-generation battery development.

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