16.08.2022 •

Preparing Your Manuscript for Publication: Your How-to Guide

Why it’s important to publish your work


For research to be truly valuable it must be shared. In doing so, it becomes part of a wider conversation that has been taking place since we first began to record our findings. Scientific breakthroughs happen step-by-step, building on existing theories and shared prior knowledge. Publishing your work is about enriching the current pool of literature and making your discoveries available to the scientific community, which benefits everyone.

Communicating your work

The research article is important because it is the primary method for communicating ideas between researchers. By submitting to journals your work is vetted by peers and published, making it available to others in the community. Through this process your ideas are added to a permanent and searchable record of human knowledge.

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Publishing your work is about making your discoveries available to the scientific community. This eBook walks you through how-to prepare your manuscript section-by-section. 

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