Choosing the Right Journal for Your Research
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11.11.2022 •

Choosing the Right Journal for Your Research

1. Decide where to submit by what’s most important to you

  • Factors like journal metrics, including impact factor and Altmetric scores
  • Whether you are seeking a broad audience or a specialized audience
  • The journal’s network (including society or association affiliations and editorial board members)

2. Go to your library or browse publishers’ websites so you’re aware of the range of available journals.

Wiley Online Library allows you to search for journals alphabetically, by subject area, keyword, or contributor. You could also try our journal finder.

3. Consider the journals that you read. Could one of these be appropriate for your work?

4. Ask a supervisor or colleague for their recommendations. Your co-authors should do this too.

5. Once you have listed several possible choices, review each journal’s “Aims and Scope” page, even if you are familiar with the journal.

  • The “Aims and Scope” of a journal is written by the editor. It’s a description of the type of content published by the journal and often includes information on the peer review process and open access options for that journal.

6. As you narrow your choices, read the “Author Guidelines” for each journal. These are instructions for how to submit to an article for publication and include templated and special instructions.

Feeling ready to find a journal? Start here!