Machine Learning Enabled Image Analysis of Time-Temperature Sensing Colloidal...
05.10.2023 •

Machine Learning Enabled Image Analysis of Time-Temperature Sensing Colloidal Arrays


Smart, responsive materials are required in various advanced applications ranging from anti-counterfeiting to autonomous sensing. Colloidal crystals are a versatile material class for optically based sensing applications owing to their photonic stopband. A careful combination of materials synthesis and colloidal mesostructure rendered such systems helpful in responding to stimuli such as gases, humidity, or temperature. Here, an approach is demonstrated to simultaneously and independently measure the time and temperature solely based on the inherent material properties of complex colloidal crystal mixtures. An array of colloidal crystals, each featuring unique film formation kinetics, is fabricated. Combined with machine learning-enabled image analysis, the colloidal crystal arrays can autonomously record isothermal heating events — readout proceeds by acquiring photographs of the applied sensor using a standard smartphone camera. The concept shows how the progressing use of machine learning in materials science has the potential to allow non-classical forms of data acquisition and evaluation. This can provide novel insights into multiparameter systems and simplify applications of novel materials.

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Advanced Science