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eBook 14: Tribology: Surface Interaction Experiments

Tribology is the study of the interactions between surfaces in relative motion. This includes friction, lubrication, wear, and adhesion. It is an interdisciplinary field, combining elements from mechanical, electrical, chemical, and materials engineering. It is important in a wide range of applications, from industrial machines, to transportation, to medical devices. Tribology is also an important area of research, as researchers seek to improve the performance and durability of mechanical components.

In this eBook, the 14th from a series of eBooks, you will read about polymer/metal composites, sandwich structures, abrasive wear, compressive creep, anti-scratch additives, polymer plastics, and more!

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3 Introduction

Tribology: Surface interaction experiments

5 Tribological behavior of polymer/metal composites having a sandwich structure

Adapted from Zhang et al.

11 Ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene: Abrasive wear behavior in a rotating lubricated environment

Adapted from Sun et al.

19 Tribology and compressive creep of polytetrafluoroethylene/nickel-titanium composites

Adapted from Li et al.

26 Case Study: Getting up to scratch with Croda – testing anti-scratch additives for polymer plastics

Sarah Williams

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