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eBook 2: Thin Film Metrology

In this 43-page eBook, an overview on the use of laser scanning confocal microscopy in materials science is followed by three recent articles on the fabrication, characterization and applications of thin films.


3  Thin Film Metrology

9 The Use of Laser Scanning Confocal Microscopy (LSCM) in Materials Science

D.B. Hovis and A.H. Heuer

15    A Novel Slicing Method for Thin Supercapacitors

Hao Sun, Xuemei Fu, Songlin Xie et al.

22    Boosted UV Photodetection Performance in Chemically Etched Amorphous Gallium(III) Oxide Thin-Film Transistors

Zuyin Han, Huili Liang, Wenxing Huo et al.

29    Multiscale and Uniform Liquid Metal Thin-Film Patterning Based on Soft Lithography for 3D Heterogeneous Integrated Soft Microsystems: Additive Stamping and Subtractive Reverse Stamping

Min-gu Kim, Choongsoon Kim, Hommood Alrowais et al.

39    Scientific Publishing

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