16.01.2024 •

High-resolution patterning on LTCC by transfer of photolithography-based metallic microstructures


The growing applications and constant miniaturization of electronic devices and of low-temperature co-fired ceramics (LTCC) in various fields, such as aviation, telecommunications, automotive, satellite communications, and military, have led to an increase in the demand for LTCC. Such prospects arise due to the continuous scaling down of components and high-density interconnection in electronics packaging. This paper reports a technique for the transfer of high-resolution microstructures from silicon substrates to LTCC. In this method, gold and copper patterns were formed by photolithography, electrodeposition, and residual layer stripping on silicon substrate. Lithography provides the opportunity to create and transfer complex patterns for use in several different applications and electroplating enables the use of pure metal for excellent electrical properties. The developed structures were transferred onto a top layer of LTCC tape using hot embossing. Then, the subsequent layers were stacked, laminated, and sintered. A resolution of 1.5 μm after free sintering and 4.5 μm after pressure-assisted sintering was achieved. This distinctive method can be useful for several applications requiring high-resolution and superior electrical properties.