05.12.2023 •

eBook 18: The Role of Ceramics in Transforming Industries: Applications and Future Developments

This free-to-download eBook explores the significance of ceramics as a class of inorganic, non-metallic materials with important roles in various applications. It discusses their excellent mechanical, thermal, electrical, and chemical properties, as well as their inherent brittleness. It also examines traditional ceramic forming techniques and machining methods and introduces advanced techniques such as additive manufacturing and Electrochemical Discharge Machining (ECDM) that can overcome limitations.

The eBook further discusses the deliberate engineering of dislocations in ceramics to enhance their mechanical properties and highlights the crucial role of optical metrology in characterizing ceramics and ensuring their quality and performance.

Within the eBook are three specific studies on ceramics, including Bessel beam laser welding, electrochemical discharge machining of alumina-zirconium dioxide composite material, and a proposed method for enhancing mechanical and functional properties using cyclic scratching.

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